What lengths can I order?

If you click on the "per metre" button, you will get all the options. You can do multiples of 1 metre, 1/2 metre or quarter metres at eth checkout. E.g. if you click 1/2 metre and at the checkout multiply by 5 you will get 2.5 metres. Even if you order 1 metre and then again 1/2 metre, we will despatch 1.5 metres. We only cut if you ask us to do so!

What payments do you accept?

We accept all credit cards, including American Express, without any extra charges. We also accept payments through Paypal. You will get all the options at the end of the checkout process.

Why different sizes?

The fabrics we stock come in different widths and weights.

The Australiana range is 110 cm wide, 100% cotton and medium weight.

The Aboriginal designs are 112 cm wide and printed on fine 100% cotton.

We also stock a range of 145 cm (57 inch) wide. Medium weight 100% cotton. These are the perfect width for table cloths. For example a table with six average sized chairs would need 2 to 2.5 metres.

The Batiks are 116 cm wide. 100% cotton made in Indonesia. These are also suitable for table cloths.

Do you charge postage?

We charge a flat postage & handling fee for Australia with Australia Post.

$12.50 with tracking taking approximately 6 days or $16.50 express post taking approximately 3 days.

You will get the postage options at the checkout.

Overseas postage is a standard $39.00 per parcel, world wide. New Zealand is cheaper.

How do I get free postage?

We don't charge any postage for orders over $150 in Australia. World wide any order over $300 is free of freight charges!

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we ship anywhere in the world! Overseas orders are GST free (goods and services tax) - This will be deducted from the order total at checkout, a saving of 10%. 

Do the Aboriginal artists get paid for their work?

Yes all Aboriginal designed fabrics we stock, are from original paintings. These are purchased from the artists specifically for the purpose of fabric printing and public use. The artists receives royalties.

What is a Fat 1/4?

Fat Quarters and Fat 1/8th are measurements used by Quilters. A Fat Quarter is a quarter of a metre. It is 50 cm wide,by half the width of the fabric. For example, a fat 1/4 of the 112 cm wide fabric would measure 50 cm x 56 cm. A fat 1/4 of the 145 cm wide fabric would measure 50 cm x 72.5 cm, and be larger.

So usually it's more than a quarter of a square metre of fabric. Makes sense?

What is a Skinny 1/4 metre?

A skinny quarter metre is a 25 cm (or 10 inch) strip, of the full width of the fabric. It equals also a quarter of a square metre, just cut differently.

Do you do phone orders?

Yes. You can always call (08) 8952 6163. We are happy to take your order over the phone.

Are all your online fabrics available and in stock?

Fabrics on the website are available and if you require a large amount we can order them in. If a fabric goes out of print (temporarily or forever - you never know...) we take it off the website. So you may see it one day and it might be gone the next. But at least you know that if and when you order, the design will definitely be in stock and you will get it promptly. If you can't find what you are looking for online, give us a call - we may be able to source it for you.